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Professional balloon-stuffing machines, Balloon Expander, stuffed-balloon stands, educational videos and free videos:
All balloons, Safe Tite Discs for closing the balloons, and Clik-Clik ceiling magnets/hanging poles are available from Qualatex distributors:
Shred, bows, curling ribbon, decorative wired ribbon, satin ribbon, decorative bags, tabletop tape dispenser:
EZ Start Tape from Duct, Elmer’s rubber cement, Armor All spray or sheets, clear garbage bags 40 Gallon and 60 Gallon, styrofoam bowls, tulle, glue sticks, cold glue gun, many of the gift products inside, food items in bulk:
Firm cardboard for balloon stuffing stands, business cards, car magnets, copies of order sheets, banners, signage for pop-up shops and mall kiosks:
My best suggestion to get started if you have a business tax ID number etc. that carries everything you’ll need in one spot to get started:
For almost all my flowers, greenery, many of my gift items, and decorative pieces:
Last, but not least, many of my little extras such as tiny gift bags, decorative enhancements for inside and outside of the stuffed balloon, and occasionally gift items for inside the balloon:


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