Balloon Stuffing Videos & Resources

Live Presentations, Videos, Recipes, Marketing Images and More!

Running a successful balloon stuffing business requires professional equipment and creativity, but the key foundation of it all is education.

Start out right by learning from a real pro! Marlene Potts has made tens of thousands of stuffed balloons over the past 3 decades, in her balloon retail store and in high-volume holiday kiosk locations. Whether it’s efficient production techniques or effective sales methods, she’s learned what works… and what doesn’t!

Marlene is now offering a series of LIVE holiday-themed presentations, sharing tips and tricks to help your balloon-stuffing business thrive.

14 videos and training courses are currently available for purchase.

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Valentine’s Day Design Ideas
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Elf Magic!
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Pop Drop PROFIT!
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Fall Holiday Stuffed Balloons!
Elegant Stuffed-Balloon Gifts
Let’s Talk Men!
Your Stuffing Machine is Blooming!
Hare Comes Easter!